Setting the Table: Initial Steps Towards Achieving Adequate Nutritional Intake in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Gastrointestinal Issues (GI)/Food Allergies

Event date: 10/21/2015

Feeding problems are common in children with ASD and can result from a variety of reasons (e.g., oral motor, behavioral, sensory processing, and/or medical issues). In addition, they may present in a variety of ways – often disrupting eating and mealtimes.
Please join Patricia Novak, MPH, RD, CLE, EMPOWER Project Coordinator Children's Hospital Los Angeles, and Karla Ausderau, PhD, OTR/L, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, Department of Kinesiology, Occupational Therapy Program for an educational webinar on how to manage frequent feeding challenges, especially those related to GI issues and/or food allergies.

  • Define ASD diagnostic characteristics and how these relate to the mechanics of eating 
  • Identify the most common disrupted eating patterns in children with ASD 
  • Discuss prevalent underlying medical problems such as gastrointestinal issues and food allergies that may contribute to disrupted eating patterns in children with ASD 
  • Identify strategies to support mealtime and foster adequate nutritional intake and growth in children with ASD and gastrointestinal issues/food allergies

*Nurses may claim CEU credit for this webinar. RDs may claim CEU credit for this webinar from 10/21/2015 to 10/21/2018.

Download webinar handouts