Nutricia Coverage Navigator


The Nutricia Product Coverage Navigator program is an easy-to-use, valuable tool for families and healthcare professionals. It expertly and professionally coordinates the coverage and reimbursement process for obtaining the indispensible medical foods for children. The specialists dedicated to assisting with Product Coverage Navigator claims are experienced in the medical insurance industry, overseeing and executing the complicated and labor-intensive work so that you don’t have to.

Whether you are covered by private insurance, a self-funded plan or Medicaid, you are eligible for accessing the program and its services. Assistance through the Nutricia Product Coverage Navigator includes:

  • Obtaining prior authorization for all Nutricia products
  • Answering questions regarding claims submissions
  • Drafting letters of medical necessity
  • Instructions on how to correct billing errors
  • Working with the insurance company on complex reimbursement matters
  • Appealing a denied claim

To date, it has helped over 6,800 families, physicians, registered dietitians, pharmacists, and healthcare professionals answer questions and/or obtain coverage for Nutricia products. Additionally, families and healthcare professionals alike have saved over 368 hours of time interacting with insurance companies for the proper authorizations.


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