Part 3: Returning to Diet: Cognitive, affective, and motivational factors for people with PKU

Event date: 6/28/2017

Join us for a 1 hour educational webinar with Benjamin Goodlett, PhD, Psychology Postdoctoral Fellow at the Metabolism Clinic at Boston Children’s Hospital. He will be exploring mental, motivational and executive functioning barriers that help explain the difficulties many adults with PKU face when returning to diet. Dr. Goodlett will also explain how to help patients overcome these challenges.

  • Understand the cognitive and affective (anxiety & depression) issues associated with adults with PKU when not following a low-PHE diet
  • Discuss the importance of health behavior changes in line with individual’s values
  • Implement strategies to help patients overcome these challenges

*Please note: Dietitians cannot claim credit for recorded events beyond 3 years from live event date.

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