How Do Social Determinants of Health Impact the Ketogenic Diet Journey?

Event date: 5/29/2024 1:00:00 PM EDT

Join us for a 1-hour educational webinar with Robyn Blackford and Megan Keeler discussing the importance of the multidisciplinary approach to ketogenic diet initiation. Being aware of the Social Influencers of Health (SIOH) can help you to understand how they might shape success on the diet for your patients. We will review a case study where the dietitian and social worker worked together to care for a family from pre-diet start to the middle of their ketogenic diet journey. Join us to learn more about how to overcome psychosocial barriers and grow successful ketogenic diet programs.
Submitted for one (1) CEU credit

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the multidisciplinary approach to ketogenic diet initiations
  • Identify how the Social Influencers of Health (SIOH) play a part in the utilization of the ketogenic diet
  • Learn how dietitians can illicit information in order to help patients overcome psychosocial barriers
  • Enhance problem-solving skills through the discussion of a case study

Robyn has worked as the expert ketogenic dietitian at Lurie Children’s in Chicago since 2005. She helped initiate, grow and lead their Ketogenic Diet Program where they currently follow over 350 patients on ketogenic therapies. This makes Lurie Children’s one of the largest Keto Centers in North America. Robyn has several publications on the Ketogenic Diet, including being an author for the International Ketogenic Diet Consensus Statement. She routinely gives presentations about the ketogenic diet to a variety of audiences. She has a passion for setting up families to be successful with ketogenic diet therapy, as well as supporting and mentoring healthcare professionals who guide patients on medical ketogenic diet therapies.
Megan has been a medical social worker with the Epilepsy Center at Lurie Children’s in Chicago since 2021. She serves in a hybrid role, seeing patients in several clinics as well as during their admissions for ketogenic diet initiation and neurosurgical follow up. The population she supports often have exhausted pharmacologic solutions for their diagnoses and seek alternative means through surgical or dietary intervention. Megan extensively prepares families for admissions initiating these interventions, supports them throughout their medical course, and coordinates with a multidisciplinary team to provide better health outcomes. She is passionate about identifying gaps in service to improve health outcomes and educating others about the social determinants of health.

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