Feeding Your Wound: Fuel to Heal

Event date: 5/28/2015

In 2014, the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel, European Pressure Ulcer advisory Panel and the Pan Pacific Pressure Injury Alliance developed rigorous and comprehensive clinical practice guidelines for the Prevention and  Treatment of Pressure Ulcers. Listen to the co-chairman of the nutrition work group for the international guidelines , Mary Ellen Posthauer, RDN, CD, LD, FAND. She will highlight the importance of nutrition in wound healing, including nutrient and fluid needs, and the impact of body composition and the stress response to injury on healing.

This webinar will highlight how to:

  • Recognize the importance of screening and assessment to identify malnutrition and pressure ulcer risk
  • Examine the building block of nutrition (macronutrients and micronutrients) that impact healing
  • Apply the 2014 NPUAP/EPUAP/Pan Pacific Pressure Injury Alliance nutrition guidelines into practice
  • Discuss practical nutrition and hydration strategies for healing wounds
*Please note: Dietitians cannot claim credit for recorded events beyond 3 years from live event date.

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