Healthcare Professional Tools

  • Neocate DRI Calculator and Mixing Tool

    Updated as of December 2020: For healthcare professionals.

    • Neocate DRI Calculator: Compare nutrients for a chosen amount of any Neocate product to the Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) for any group, calculate key nutrients provided per kilogram body weight, and determine number of cases needed per month for a daily calorie goal.
    • Neocate Mixing Tool: Tailor recipes to mix Neocate powders at a unique concentration and volume, and find a combination of household measures to yield an approximate gram weight of Neocate powder.

  • Duocal, Information for Healthcare Professionals

    This resource is for healthcare professionals recommending Duocal, a flavorless powder with a unique dual-energy source of carbohydrate & fat. The document includes a description of Duocal; nutrient information; a guide for recommending Duocal (based on a daily calorie goal); information on how to prepare, store & mix in foods; and lastly, how to order.

  • Neocate DRI Calculator and Mixing Tool

    Updated as of April 2020: Includes 2019 DRI updates for Sodium and Potassium and all updates to Neocate formulas in Canada.

    • Neocate DRI Calculator: This tab can be used by Healthcare Professionals to compare nutrients provided by a chosen amount of any Neocate product to the Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) for a chosen gender and age range.
    • Neocate Mixing Tool: This tab helps the Healthcare Professional to calculate mixing instructions for preparing Neocate powders at a desired concentration and volume for individual patients. This tool can also be used by Healthcare Professionals to calculate a recipe that yields an approximate gram weight of Neocate powder using household measures, and to determine the number of cans needed per month.

  • Red Flag Indicators for Using an Amino Acid-Based Formula to Manage Cow Milk Allergy

    Your next patient with food allergies could present with a combination of these red flag indicators:

    • Download Quick Reference Guide
    • Meyer R, Groetch M, Venter C. When Should Infants with Cow's Milk Protein Allergy Use an Amino Acid Formula? A Practical Guide. J Allergy Clin Immunol Pract. 2018;6:383-99. Abstract
  • Neocate Pocket Guide – US

    Updated as of February 2019: Includes entire upgraded US Neocate Junior range. Provides clinical information on all the Neocate products, including select nutrition information, ingredient sources, and mixing instructions at various concentrations for each formula.

  • Mixing Charts for Neocate Infant Formulas

    These resources have been developed for use by Healthcare Professionals. They contain recipes at various concentrations, up to 30 kcal/fl oz, either for mixing Neocate infant formulas with water or for combining breast milk with Neocate infant formula powders.

  • Neocate Family Comparison Chart

    Updated December 2018. A nutrient comparison chart for all Neocate products in the US. Also includes indications, main features and reimbursement codes.

  • Monogen Dilution Chart

    This resource has been developed for use by Healthcare Professionals. It includes recipes for mixing Monogen at multiple dilutions (from 20 to 30 calories per fluid ounce), as well as household measures.

  • Monitoring Micronutrients

    This guidance is intended to provide an update on monitoring micronutrients for healthcare professionals.

  • Neocate Junior and Splash Dilution Charts

    Updated December 2019: These resources are for healthcare professionals. They include recipes for mixing Neocate Junior and/or Neocate Splash at various concentrations. Please Note: charts for Neocate Junior powders differ slightly due to different energy densities, scoop fill, and displacement. Canadian healthcare professionals: Please contact us at 866.636.2283 to request appropriate charts for Neocate products in the Canadian market.

  • Letters of Medical Necessity

    We created sample letters of medical necessity to help patients request insurance coverage for Neocate. You can complete the missing information and individualize the letters to suit your patient's situation and needs. Simply follow the appropriate links below to access Word files. Please note: our Nutricia Product Coverage Navigator team is available to help your patients to obtain coverage for our medical foods. This includes assistance with drafting letters of medical necessity, obtaining prior authorization for our products, correcting billing errors, appealing denied claims and much more. If your patients need personalized assistance with Neocate coverage call 1-800-365-7354 or email

  • Duocal Tools

    This tool helps to determine an amount of Duocal to add to any enteral formula. It offers both an interactive calculator and two printable concentration charts to help in adding calories to enteral formulas with Duocal. It also offers an interactive calculator that can generate a combination of US household measures that provide an approximate gram weight of Duocal when a scale is not available and the provided scoop is not convenient.