Healthcare Professional Tools

  • KetoCal DRI Calculator

    Compare nutrients for a chosen amount of any KetoCal product to the Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) for any group. Adjust the calorie level by changing the calories in the green box at the top of the Excel sheet.

  • NEW - KetoCal 3:1 Formulation Update

    KetoCal 3:1 powder formulation will be updated in the spring of 2021.

  • KetoCal Pocket Portfolio

    KetoCal, Liquigen and Polycal product information including, nutrition information and approximate household measures.

  • KetoCal Connect

    Our KetoCal Connect program is designed to help your patients by connecting caregivers to the information, support and resources they need to successfully start and stay on the medical ketogenic diet.

  • *NEW* KetoCal Patient Starter Kit

    We are pleased to offer New Patient Starter Kits to help your patients to start and stay on the medical ketogenic diet successfully. Each kit contains a digital gram scale, cooking spatula, mixing bowl, caregiver guide, and more. Caregivers or patients can request kits online by setting up an account on - If you’d like to have starter kits or instruction postcards on hand for your clinic, please reach out to your Nutricia Territory Manager. If you don’t know who your Territory Manager is, please contact Customer Services at 1-800-365-7354.

  • Nutricia Navigator

    Nutricia Navigator is a free service designed to help your patients find product coverage and access. It offers one-on-one help to your patients.

  • KetoCal 2.5:1

    KetoCal® 2.5:1 is our latest ketogenic formula specifically designed for children over 8 years of age, adolescents and adults.

  • KetoCal Consent Form

    Since KetoCal is a medical food, healthcare provider consent is required for patients or caregivers to receive samples or place orders. You can provide consent for your patient online or with this paper form.

  • Ketogenic Diet for Adults – References

    This document provides a list of references supporting the use of the ketogenic diet for intractable in adults.

  • Letters of Medical Necessity

    We created the following sample letters of medical necessity to help patients request insurance coverage for KetoCal or Liquigen. You can complete the missing information and individualize the letters to suit your patient's situation and needs. Simply click the appropriate product below to download the Word file of each sample letter. Please note: our Nutricia Product Coverage Navigator team is available to help you and your patients to obtain coverage for our medical foods. This includes assistance with drafting letters of medical necessity, obtaining prior authorization for our products, correcting billing errors, appealing denied claims and much more. If you or your patients need personalized assistance with KetoCal or Liquigen coverage call 1-800-365-7354 or email